Episode 16 Season 2 Cooling your musclecar Autorestomod.f4v

rate and subscribe to our channel! check our web http://www.autorestomod.com This week: http://www.nationalpartsdepot.com http://www.summitracing.com http://www.designengineering.com This week we look at keeping your radiator cool and what radiator you need for your vintage car! BA-DA-BING!

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BEST of Muscle Cars ( CRASH and FAIL #5 ) (PURE SOUND) (4K)
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Radiator Over Heating After Storage Episode 206 Autorestomod
We look at what can happen to a radiator when keep in long term storage and not flushed and cleaned at the correct intervals. We disucss parts from National Parts Depot to fix the problems. Thanks for watching! Home page: http://www.autorestomod.com/ Rate, ask questions, we are very good about responding! Jeff Ford Contact: Jford@autorestomod.com Sponsor: http://www.nationalpartsdepot.com Parts: www.npdlink.com Radiator 3 Row 16 1/2 Inch: 8005-1C Radiator Cap, 13 LBS: 952-13

Episode 110 Mustang and Cougar Heater box assembly and detail tips Autorestomod
This week we show that bead blasting can be an effective way to remove old paint from the heater case on your classic or muscle car. We also use commonly available paints to detail out our case. We also show how to refinish the case and give tips on installation of the seals. We also show you that things can go terribly wrong—if the case has the wrong parts in it. Though we are using a 1965-70 Mustang case, all of the tips can apply to any classic car heater box. Thanks for watching! Sponsor: http://www.nationalpartsdepot.com