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First 1964 Ford Mustang Commercial TV ad


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ZR1 Vette vs Jet! - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Races A U.S. Navy Fighter Jet
MT Editor at Large Arthur St. Antoine pits Chevy's awesome "Blue Devil" -- the Corvette ZR1 -- against its toughest adversary yet: a Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet. Shot By: Jim Gleason & Terren Lin Edited By: Jim Gleason Read the story here: http://www.motortrend.com/features/performance/112_0908_chevy_corvette_zr1_ vs_fighter_jet_race/index.html

Ford Mustang 1964-69 Part 2
Ford Mustang Commercials 1964-69 Part 2

Mustang comercial 2011 www.fiqueiape.com.br
A Ford decidiu atender aos apelos e vai passar a importar o Mustang 2011 oficialmente para o Brasil. A princípio, todas as versões devem estar disponíveis: V6, V8, GT 500 e até mesmo os Shelby FR 450, FR 550 e o Super Snake, feito sob encomenda.


1964 first Ford Mustang TV Commercial Advertisment
http://www.carburetor-manual.com "Comming April 17th!" Original 60 second color TV commercial from 1964 of the Ford Mustang, It shows the 1964 Mustang sitting on an island in the middle of a lake and many detail shots of the Mustang while music of its time is playing in the background and the announcer describe how the unexpected is about to happen "Comming April 17th!" with the new Ford Mustang "a new generation of car" it shows details from many angles including the interior. at the end he says " Mustang is only days away" I would guess this is one of the very first TV commercials for the Mustangs if not the first one. A great piece of Ford history for your viewing.

The Corvair in Action (1960) Chevrolet Advertising Film
Promotional film for the controversial Chevrolet Corvair.

Ford Mustang GT 5.0 - 3D Commercial Featuring Vaughn Gittin Jr
A 3D commercial directed by award-winning director Robert Radler. Features the all-new Ford Mustang GT 5.0, driven by world-famous drift-driver Vaughn Gittin Jr.

2012 Mustang Commercial
Awesome 2012 Ford Mustang Commercial

The New Girl - Mustang Video
This is the second winning entry to the Ford Mustang Stories advertising campaign titled The New Girl. It was originally shown on the official 2010 Mustang website.

1977 Ford Mustang II Cobra
© Ford Motor Company

History: The Ford Mustang: The full documentary history on the Ford Mustang - Teaser
We will be uploading various videos about the full history of classic and muscle cars. The Ford Mustang (1964 - 1973) will be our very first episode. This is a teaser of what will be coming out soon! So enjoy! _____________________________________________________________ Click here to watch the full Mustang episode on Top Gear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O46E0gCF5os Click here for the full 1964 Ford Mustang Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmg7Tt3U4Nk&feature=plcp&context=C477efe5VDv jVQa1PpcFNkjY_nYXn6rhdbpUtQGWZGzA_YIYHGpMY=

1965 Ford Mustang 2+2
Here is a short video for your enjoyment showing the finer points of the 1965 Ford Mustang fastback now offered for sale at Ooley & Blackburn in Carmel, Indiana. Call us today at 317-575-8686

1966 Ford Mustang Commercial TV ad

For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom...'08 Blown Smart Car with a 1.5 Liter Toyota Paseo Engine~Sprintex Blower~ 28lbs Boost~3sp Auto trans pulls wild wheelstand on first run of 13.90@80.99mph and lifts as the Shelby Mustang avoids being embarrassed with a 13.67@110.64. In the second run the Smart Car keeps the wheels closer to the track and puts the modified Mustang on the trailer with a 12.53@107.39 vs the Mustangs 13.21@110.36. Test n Tune Rt 66 Friday Night 5-23-14

Ford Mustang II Cobra 1977
© Ford Motor Company de México, S.A. de C.V.

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1969 Ford Mustang : 6.860 @ 204.000
Bill Sexton, Engine: 712ci Pontiac built by Sonny Leonard,

1969 Ford Mustang : 7.170 @ 177.000
CARL EPPLE, Engine: 572CI SVO 460, Tires: 33X10.5W MICKY THOMP

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1: 7.670 @ 178.210
Phil Manquen - Walt Drakeford, Engine: 602 CI, Tires: 10.5

1987 Ford Mustang Turbo: 7.816 @ 180.800
Brad, Engine: 347CI, Turbos: Precision 98.5mm Tires: 28 x 10.5 MTs

1995 Ford Mustang Cobra: 7.889 @ 197.360
Jim Mills, Engine: 427 Windsor, Turbos: Twin GT47-88 Tires: M/T 325/50/15 Radials

2007 Ford Mustang Super GT500 Twin Turbo: 7.890 @ 175.220
EV, Engine: Built 5.4L Aluminum Engine, Turbos: Twin 67mm Precision Turbos

1989 Ford Mustang lx: 7.930 @ 172.300
jorge fretts, Engine: 598, Tires: 33x10.5w

1989 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback 10.5 tire: 8.000 @ 170.000
Marshall Hancock, Engine: 572 ci, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: M/T

1986 Ford Mustang THE STAMPEEDE BANDIT: 8.013 @ 170.033
Larry Gotreaux, Engine: BBF-ELIMINATOR-460-605ci, by Tims Engines, Denham Springs,, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: 27x15 GY & 33.5x17x15W-GY-D1

1993 Ford Mustang LX: 8.390 @ 167.870
Lee Howie, Engine: Bennett, Turbos: 1 Precision PT90 Tires: DOT

1987 Ford Mustang coupe: 8.400 @ 162.370
Todd, Engine: 385ci,

1989 Ford Mustang coupe: 8.420 @ 167.000
Ryan Ellington, Engine: sbc 434, Tires: mt 275/60/15 drag radial

1991 Ford Mustang GT: 8.520 @ 172.700
PRO LARRY, Engine: 351W, Supercharger: NA Turbos: NA Tires: NA

1990 Ford Mustang GT: 8.527 @ 172.300
PRO LARRY AND BRANDON G.T, Engine: 351W, Tires: 10.5 SLICK'S

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra 363 Nitrous: 8.541 @ 152.870
CJ Williams, Engine: 363,

2006 Ford Mustang GT: 8.579 @ 158.780
Paul Fercho, Engine: 572 CID big block ford, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: M/T 29.5X10.5WX15 Slicks

1985 Ford Mustang lx: 8.600 @ 159.000
mike pritchard, Engine: 537ci, Tires: 30x13.50 et streets

1990 Ford Mustang LX Coupe: 8.780 @ 154.000
Clint Lynch, Engine: 418 windsor, Tires: 28x10.5

1991 Ford Mustang Turbo: 8.800 @ 161.000
Mike, Engine: 306CI, Turbos: Air Research 91mm Tires: 28X13.5X15 ET STREETS.

1985 Ford Mustang GT coupe: 8.860 @ 154.000
James Cudse, Engine: 358 W, Supercharger: Paxton Novi 2000 Tires: skinnies, Hoosier 14.5x28


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