1969 Olds Cutlas LY6 Magnaflow Exhaust complete, tips added, walkaround

Continuation of my Olds Cutlass build. This is a simple walkaround of the car after finishing the Exhaust, tips included. Full Magnaflow Exhaust. Overall I am happy with the fit but a little annoyed with the passenger side tail pipe...can't seem to get it tucked as well as I would like. Enjoy the vid...turn them speakers up!!!! She deep and angry!

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A pair of vintage Oldsmobile ram rods line up at the Olds Nationals in Byron IL Sept 6&7 2008

Josh Barnett Picks Up His 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass At MagnaFlow
MMA Fighter Josh Barnett picks up his 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass from the MagnaFlow tech center. Installed MagnaFlow Exhaust part #15894: http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/displayapplications.asp?partnumber=15894 Subscribe to our channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=magnaflowtv Visit our website and learn more about products: http://MagnaFlow.com Don't miss out on any upcoming events or arrivals: http://facebook.com/MagnaFlow Follow MagnaFlow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MagnaFlow

Ozmods - GM small-block engine rebuild ( part 2 )
In part 2 we have the LS1 ready to be reassembled with some wicked new parts sent to us from places like Camtech, Melling, Tuff car parts and more. In season 3 of Ozmods, we are beginning on more advanced modifications. With engine rebuilds and lots of bolt on performance parts, we will see for ourselfs what everyone wants to know and displaying it for you in short video's. Get amongst it and follow us on facebook and instagram. https://www.facebook.com/ozmodification?fref=ts

1970 Oldsmobile Rallye 350 Flowmaster Vs. Pypes exhaust system
EDIT: ITS FLOWMASTER NOT MAGNAFLOW!!!! I WILL TRY AND EDIT THE FILM TO SHOW THIS. This is my 1970 Rallye 350 with the old Exhaust system(Flowmaster) and the new Exhaust system (Pypes X-Pypes), Both of these are 2.5 inch Exhausts with the stock manifolds. Which do you think sounds better? Me personally the Pypes take the cake. This system is on a 350 Olds with a 350 Transmission.