Mazda 3 Sebring exhaust-2

Sebring 尾段+良飛頭段

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HKS Hi-powered catback exhaust - mazda 3
2004 mazda 3 sedan with HKS hi-powered catback Exhaust, has video of startup, rev, and driving

Mazda 3 Sebring exhaust-1
Sebring 尾段+良飛頭段

Mazda 3 Sport 2.0 Stock Exhaust vs. Sebring Exhaust
Vergleich zwischen Standardauspuff / Sebring nach 20km und Sebring nach 800km.

Mazda 3 - Sebring Exhaust
My Mazda 3 Sport with 150hp, 2.0ltr. MZR and Sebring Sport Exhaust directly from Mazda. Car was driven about 15 or 20kilometres, Exhaust was not hot :) Video with hoter Exhaust will be coming soon.