electric car conversion

electric car conversion home made electric car with a fork lift motor running at 36 volts dc

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Mad Max style electric car
Toby Roberts' hand-built electric car reminds me of something out of Mad Max! Filmed at Whiterock near Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, on Friday, February 20, 2009.

homebuilt electric car 48vdc 39hp dc motor road legal
kinroad 250cc buggy converted to electric EMC-RT200 MOTOR on 48 volts 28mph at 100A Soon to be on 72v around 45mph Gear ratio 5-1 12 x 42ah agm batteries

DIY Electric Car: 03A DeICEing part 1
Removing the ICE (internal combustion engine system) from a car to prepare it for conversion to electric. From the instructional DVD, BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR available at http://300mpg.org/electric-car-instructional-dvds/ For the playlist of videos about this project, please click: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmHss3DBZUilnbDh6BZStCrQbVcsNsgFM

Teenager Builds Electric Car - $.02 a mile to operate!
Tyler Griffin reports on a 19 year-old who decided to build an electric car to save money on parking and gas at his high school. Mark King is the young inventor behind the electric car which only costs two cents a mile to operate.