SV1000S first time at the drag strip

this was my first time at the drag strip bandimere speedway colorado 5800+ft elevation. 07-16-2008 first run was my very first ever launched way to low, and slow but still pulled of a 12.81@112.33 2.42 60ft (car i raced was 2.11 60ft, 14.8@92) second run was launched a little harder got a 2.16 60ft, 12.47@112.61 (car i raced was a girl with pink nails, lol, but cut a 1.8 60ft and a 13.60@99!) third race lauched pretty good again 2.13 60ft 12.39@112.92 (car i raced was a BAD ASS car, hitting 1.70 60ft, 12.45@107.15!!!!) first time at the strip, and high elevation. if you dont know anything about racing in the moutains, this means at sea level, id be EASY into the LOW 11's i love my SV1000!!!

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sv1000s vs gsxr 750 3rd gear pull
sv1000 has slip ons and gsxr hasfull system plus pcv and quickshifter. we were testing the torque of the SV vs the lightness and power of the gsxr

ZX-10r vs SV 1000
Aaron aand Charlie at Deland Drags

Wheelie Practice on SV650 and SV1000S
Couldn't think of anything better to do so we thrashed the bikes for a while. Always a good backup plan when you get bored. The 2006 SV650 is mine, the 2005 SV1000S is my friend's.