1964 Corvette Watkins Glen SVRA Group 6

First time out with new engine. Watch it rev to 8000

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Vintage Corvette Race IN CAR camera Vette Historic Millers
My Small Block 327 here Battling Big Blocks and a real Ford GT.

SVRA Watkins Glen Group 6 Race, Corvette, Mustang, Jaguar, Camaro, Porsche
This is an edit from the Sunday Group 6 Feature race. I am making a movie all about Vintage Racing and this is a race I collected footage from.

Porsche RSR vs 935 SVRA Auto Associates Watkins Glen
The camera car is a 1973 911 built to RSR spec. and driven by Steve Pfeffer. The race is at Watkins Glen at a SVRA race in September of 1998 or 1999. It ends for the RSR when it slows for oil on the track in turn 1, then gets a tap from behind from the red 935 as they run up thru the esses.

2003 Watkins Glen SVRA Zippo Grand Prix 1967 Mercury Cougar Trans Am Car
In car footage from the #79 1967 Bob Estes Lincoln Mercury Trans Am race car. The Cougar won the pre-1968 A Sedan division.