BMW 335i COBB Stage 2+FMIC vs. BMW 335i JB4 (w/ Meth) - Shift-S3ctor's Airstrip Attack (HD)

with meth

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ESS M5 E61 VS BigTom 335i with Meth.mp4
335i Stage 3 Vishnu procede with Meth M5 E61 Eisenmann catback with ESS ECU tune

Cobb tuned FBO BMW 335i vs. JB4 Tuned FBO BMW 335i
A quick race between 2 full bolt on BMW 335i's. Both cars are evenly modified and are using the same fuel mixture. The only difference in this race is that the Automatic 335i pulls away when the Manual 335i shifts. 2007 BMW 335i (6MT): Cobb Stage 2+ map, FBO, Stock OEM Exhaust, running 80/20 mix of 93/E85. This is the camera car. VS. 2008 BMW 335i (6AT): JB4 Tuned (Map 5), Full Bult On, No Meth, Stock OEM Exhaust, running an 80/20 mix of 93/E85.

335i Jb4 ww meth kit with fsb
This is a quick video to show the new burger motorsports meth kit that utilizes the windshield washer fluid tank an is a complete underhood setup

335i vs R35 GTR
07 335i vs 09 Skyline GTR 335i-Jb4 Map 3 (70additiive) Methanol DCI IC Hacked stock Exhaust GTR- Stock Both cars had 1 passenger. Run#1- Clean Run#2- Clean, gtr got slight jump Run#3- 335i dropped Boost/timing @ ~90mph, and let off Race took place in Mexico