HONDA Shadow400 シャドウ 400 Custom

ブログ「鯨と単車と色々。」 HONDA Shadow400 シャドウ 400 Custom

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HONDA STEED スティードニュースクールカスタム

Mongols MC - San Diego
San Diego Mongols with various chapters http://CANCERCUREHERE.COM

Johns Honda Shadow Spirit
Johns 750 Shadow Spirit star up and some revs. all custom shiny chrome to attract some ladies haha since they like shiny things.

Copper Bolt by Low and Mean at Sturgis Yamaha Bolt Using only bolt on parts Low and Mean transformed the stock Star Bolt into this one of a kind motorcycle. Thru out the rest of 2013 this Low and Mean build will be on tour with Star Motorcycles. Low and Mean the leader in aftermarket bolt on products for your cruiser. Enjoy the ride. The Copper Bolt is available as a limited edition cruiser from Low and Mean for more information give us a call at 855-880-6660. The video was shot using a go pro camera attached to the Low and Mean Storm Trooper Bolt.