Car modelling - Airbrushing the primer coat

Using an airbrush to apply the primer coat. A white primer will serve as a good base for light-coloured finishes, while a grey primer is fine for dark or metallic coloured paints.

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The Art of Airbrushing Show Quality Model Cars with Donn Yost (Extended Preview of the 90min DVD)
PLEASE DIRECT ALL MODEL CAR QUESTIONS TO DONN YOST AT HIS WEBSITE WWW.OLDMANSMODELS.COM. This is an extended preview of the 90 minute instructional video "The Art of Airbrushing Show Quality Model Cars." If you would like to order the DVD, or have any questions about how Donn does his cars, please visit

Beginner's Guide: Getting a better finish on your models
As requested - this is the first in a new series for new modellers or inexperienced guys looking to improve. A quick look at the basic core techniques behind getting the model right, before the paint goes on, to improve the finish of the model. Getting a nice, clean, smooth surface finish BEFORE you paint the model is the key to being able to get a perfect paint finish. If the plastic underneath is rough and cut up then no paintjob will cover it up. This video also covers the basic tools for construction.

How to Paint Flames on Model Cars
"Flamin Masks" by Lazy Modeller. Now available direct from Worldwide shipping!

Airbrush painting 5 (tips & tricks) - Thinning paint for airbrushing, Vallejo model air style
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