2010 Toyota Matrix Magnaflow Exhaust Note.avi

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2010 Toyota Matrix
My 2010 Toyota Matrix Blue Matte Black Rims with white cap and blue emblem Red Breaks 5% tint front back and side HID 55watt 8000k JDM fog light (yellow fog light) Sport Package Blue interior Lights

Toyota Matrix Magnaflow catback soundclips
Toyota Matrix Magnaflow catback soundclips

magnaflow on matrix
Matrix XRS with Magnaflow Cat-Back installed Ingen CAI Cold start, (car sitting for several hours) at 10-13 degrees Celcius Lightly soundproofed the front doors Drone at 3K rpm

2003 Toyota Matrix XRS No Resonator
Magnaflow Exhaust with 2.25" piping and 4" tip! With and without resonator, enjoy!