The Aerostar part 1

The beggining of the Minivan Mafia chronicles...the overview. 91 flat black ford aerostar xl. 3.0l v-6, auto trans, 3.45 gears, flowmaster 2.5 80 series exhuast. racing tach with shift lite

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The Aerostar part 2
0-governor(97mph) run in the aerostar

The Aerostar pt.3(daytime)
new additions to the van plus goin ovr wht you couldnt really see during the nite vid

Imporved Ford Aerostar driving video
Well, today I had the chance to make a better driving vid of the Aerostar. Its just around the house, but still. I love this van, it just floats over any bump!! And the 4.0l v6 just runs. Cool!

aerostar van burnout
1987 aerostar doing a burnout until tire blows