Starting up after 2 years but what's this noise ???

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GPZ750 Turbo Startup
I bought this March last year as a going bike. When it turned up it was a lot sadder than I expected so I totally stripped it. Every nut & bolt has been off this bike. Everything not spot on has been replaced or re-furbed.Motor is fairly stock but is beefed up with 810 kit, ceramic coated pipes, Hi volume oil pump. oil galleries widened, neoprene shock bushes and h/duty springs for clutch, All new engine bearings, professionally reconditioned turbocharger, less restrictive Exhaust etc. All suspension bushes seals etc new, ZR7 rear shock & progressive front springs. all new bearings in wheels, steering head etc, new chain/sprockets, tyres, Planning for registration in next two weeks then It'll be getting paint after that. Thanks to everyone on 750turbo,com for all the help & advice during this build!

Gpz 750 Turbo - Wild Baby by Max71.mp4
La mia amata Gpz turbo restaurata - Gira come un orologio e quando il turbo va in pressione beh...brutale emozione!!

Kawasaki 750 turbo! Unreal.
This thing has the most amazing sound in person and this guy has taken great care oh it, its mint condition. Taken at the Harley store near sturgis south Dakota.

Kawasaki 750 Turbo....Blowing out the cobwebs.
Its been awhile since I've done a turbo's a preview. Especially for you "geonerd".... This year 2013 celebrates my 30 years of ownership. More to follow.