1 of 1 Plum crazy dodge viper ACR in canada

1 of 1 2008 dodge viper ACR in plum crazy!! Some Trucker decided to load this viper on to a transport truck!! In the process the rear end slipped off the rails, and sat on the undercarriage for about 3 hrs untill the tow truck guys decided what to do!!

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The Last Viper from Pennzoil (Official)
We pushed every ounce of the Dodge Viper ACR’s 645 horsepower into a farewell performance for the ages. Watch Pennzoil say goodbye to an iconic American sports car in The Last Viper. Learn more at http://www.Pennzoil.com Go behind the scenes of The Last Viper: https://youtu.be/SXyq3lNu1Ps Learn about The Venom in Every Viper: https://youtu.be/6ts7MEOYg9o Check the specs of the Dodge Viper ACR: https://youtu.be/8w3x1IG_oAM Learn more at http://www.pennzoil.com. Follow Pennzoil on social media: http://www.facebook.com/pennzoil http://www.twitter.com/pennzoil http://instagram.com/pennzoil

Stock Viper ACR Runs a 1:57.57 at Daytona
I took the ACR down to a two day event at Daytona on April 6th and 7th. I had a brand new set of tires and my goal was to run a respectable lap time. After talking to a few experienced friends, the general consensus was that anything under a two minute lap time was ultra fast for a street car. It was raining the morning of the first day, and the track didn't completely dry out until my third session. There was a lot of traffic and it was challenging to get a clean lap. I still managed to run a 2:01 and a 2:02 in my first session on track. I went back out during the last session of the day and started sorting out my race line. I noticed a vibration above 150mph that had me concerned. I wound up running a 1:58 during that session and came back into the garage. Upon further inspection, I discovered that my front right tire had a large section of inner sidewall missing. There were three other ACRs there and we wound up having several brand new Kumhos fail this way. Obviously, this was alarming. I thought that I would be done right there since I ran a sub two minute lap at Daytona. Unfortunately, when I checked the camera footage, we had a corrupted video file on the only forward facing camera. I did have a spare front tire in the trailer. I quickly took it down to the Pirelli truck and they mounted and balanced the replacement tire. After quite a bit of discussion in the garage, we all decided to take the tire pressures up 4 psi over the factory recommendations to give the sidewalls a better chance of surviving the downforce that the ACR produces mixed with the g-force stresses of the banked corners at Daytona. The next morning my goal was simple. I wanted to get a sub two minute lap on video as quickly as possible and put the car back on the trailer. I headed out and did two slow warm up laps. I came into the pit area and had the crew check the tires for any abnormalities. They set the hot tire pressure and I headed back out. I finished that throw away lap at warm up pace right up to the bus stop. Coming out of the bus stop, I was feeling a little unsettled about that front tire. Now, watching the video after the fact, it's pretty obvious that I was a little nervous during this lap. There are some small errors here and there, but overall I was please to run a 1:57 at Daytona in a completely stock ACR. I ran exactly one hot lap that day, got my number, and put the car on the trailer.

Dodge Viper GTS Heffner Performance going crazy! [preview]
Viper is going crazy in the Netherlands, driver is Kees Mets

Best of Dodge Charger
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