1978 Dodge PowerWagon Tour #1

Tour #1 of my Brother's 413 Cubic Inch 1978 Dodge PowerWagon W150. All numbers match with some extra performance goodies added to original 400 wedge engine to get horsepower up to 483 and torque to 575 Foot pounds!! Wow! I'd install this motor into a little car and beat a vette with it!

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Driving around in my 1978 Dodge Power Wagon.
Limping around in my 1978 Dodge Power Wagon. It has a 360 V-8 and a 4-speed manual tranny. It's running terrible right now, carb is shot. Wanted to make a video before I tune it up so you can compare before and after.

1978 Dodge Power Wagon "Macho"
1978 Dodge "Macho" Power Wagon. 360 4bbl, flowmaster 40, undergoing restoration, only paint and body work left.

1974 Powerwagon Big Block 4x4
1974 Dodge Powerwagon 4x4 440 CI BB Propane 727 torque flite Divorced 205 transfercase corporate 14 bolt rear with detroit locker dana 44 front almost new 35 inch tires 6 inch lift Warn winch Thrush Fully welded mufflers

The History of the Power Wagon
FCA US historian, Brandt Rosenbusch highlights seven decades of Ram Power Wagon history - a history that grew out of the U.S. government's reliance on the performance of Dodge Heavy Duty trucks during World War II.