Steel Arena (1973) car chase

Car chase scene from the indy stunt film Steel Arena (1973)

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Best and possibly most fabulous car crash ever
In BUtterfield 8, when Elizabeth Taylor's Sunbeam Alpine sprints across the Tappan Zee Bridge, through a roadblock, and off a cliff, it results in a very short, very weird, completely mesmerizing crash. Personally, I think it's better and gayer (i.e. more fabulous) than the one in Mahogany. And you can tell Miss Ross I said so. Bonus: if you loved the vocal effects worked on Taylor's confession in Suddenly Last Summer, you'll probably enjoy these, too.

Condorman Best Scene HD Remastered
mein wahrscheinlich bester Kindheitsfilm aus den 80igern mit der besten Szene, extra für euch in HD aufgemöbelt ^^. Wer träumt nich davon das sich sein eigenes Auto wie ein Jet anhört ?

The Fix (1984) car chase
Rare indy film from 1984, the story revolves around cocaine, depressing undercover police and gang members from the deep south.

Armor of God - Car Chase Scene (English Dub)
DISCALMER: I don't own this movie, All rights to Miramax Films, Golden Harvest, and Fortune Star This is the English version of Armour of God and it's also making it on #5 on Cinemassacre's Top 10 Car Chases