Kix-Henderson Racing - GMC Sonoma - 219mph - Kris Henderson

358cid naturally aspirated LS motor.....

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SpeedWeek 2009 130 club calibration run SRT-10 RAM Viper Truck
First run at 130 Club at Bonneville. We were instructed to not exceed 100 on our first run, so I completely lifted at about 4/10s of a mile

Kix-Henderson Racing - GMC Sonoma - Rear Cam - Bonneville 2011
Rear Camera Qualifying Run

Kix-Henderson Racing - GMC Sonoma - Bonneville 222mph pass!
Buzzing around 9,000rpm for three miles!

GMC Sonoma - Castrol Raceway Season Finale
Sunday October 5th 2008 Only one lane open...cold and overcast but few racers came out to say goodbye to another race season