1985 Box Chevy on 28" Lexani

Kandy blue & white with blue pearl, with kandy blue custom chevy signs.. done by murrys custom autobody

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Bagged 1989 LS1 Box on 26in Forgis
I bought some 26in Forgiato Granos last month some time and went back to the lab to work on a custom tuck job. No point in having air ride if you can't tuck the wheels in when you bag it!! Here's the results of a hard 10 days of work and 2 sleepless days and nights leading up to a carshow that was trying to make. ENJOY!!

Candy Red Box Chevy LS SQUATTING on 28" DUB Swyrl Floaters - 1080p HD
My homie's JT Chevrolet Caprice Classic LS Box SQUATTING hard on some DUB Swyrl 28's! 28's straight TUCKING in the back! Kandy Brandywine paint. Perfect stance. Box was too clean!! At Stunt Fest 2012 (Atlanta Motor Speedway) in Atlanta, GA.

Custom Box Chevy Tucking 26" Lexanis Beatin at Stuntfest 2013
This "Southern Royalty Ent." Box Chevy sat too nice, squatting on 26" Lexanis with candy brandywine paint job with gold checkered flag flames airbrushing and a mural on the trunk. Painted by B&B Custom Paint. Also was rocking lambo doors, a custom grille and snakeskin interior. Really well put together Box Chevy Beatin at Stuntfest 2013.