Audi urs4 9 second run

Driver : Jens Eklund Audi urs4 ~1000hp video by Mats Alfredsson

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976hp Jens Eklund`s Audi S4 9,6 sec run
976hp hp Audi S4 Jens Eklund

Audi URS4 2.3L AAN Quick Pulls
Some quick pulls, need more space for 3rd and 4th. Sorry for the weird sounds its my first go pro vid.

Audi UrS4 5cyl sound with Holset turbo
Audi S4 2.2T sound with Holset turbo. Video quality is way Bad, but sound is the thing here! ;)

Jens Eklund Audi S4 engine dyno 2008
Jens Audi Engine makes 943hp