Atv-Expert Juontokärry (Log skidding long trees)

We testing logging trailer and Polaris ranger 400 in Pärnu, Eesti. Testasimme juonto kärryä Virossa pärnun kaupungissa.

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Iron Baltic Log Haulers for ATVs and UTVs. Click to the link to find out more about skid plates: Visit our store to purchase skid plates online: PRODUCT FEATURES: * Two winch options – manual (725 kg / 1598 lb, 10 m / 33 ft cable) or electric (1134 kg / 2500 lb, 15 m / 50 ft cable). * Two load securing options – hang and tie system to carry larger logs or turnable lower frame to carry lighter timber. * Optional rear support – helps to transport the logs out without damaging the environment and keeps logs clean. * A load capacity of 500 kg / 1102 lb. * Tie down chain and strap to fix the logs on to the hauler frame. * Complete user guide & safety instructions included.

Using the log arch
I made this log arch in last december. Haven't had a change to use it and decided to make a video about the first time working with it. Hope you enjoy! Donations accepted at: Blueprints available at:

Kuormaus ja kuorman purku
Opetusvideo, joka näyttää kädestä pitäen, kuinka suuri koivutukki lastataan ja kuinka kuorma puretaan. Tehokaksikkoa MiL-Kärry ja MiL-Renki käyttäen kummassakaan työvaiheessa ei tarvitse tukkia nostaa. Tämä säästää selkääsi. Tutustu myös nettisivuihimme osoitteessa This video shows accurately how to load and unload MiL-Kärry and MiL-Renki when they are used together. You can easily haul big logs with these cars. Check also our english website at

LogRite Fetching Arch from -- FREE CATALOG of Firewood & Woodcutting Tools, Chainsaws, Tree Climbing Gear, Arborist Supplies and Outdoor Power Equipment -- The most versatile arch in the 2 foot diameter and 1 ton category! The Fetching Arch was designed to do the heavy lifting on steep slopes or sensitive areas that are off limits to wheeled vehicles such as ATVs or tractors. On steep slopes the 25" tongs will lift the log whenever a pull is applied to the handle from a winch line or drag line pull. This toggling or over-centering action is positive on steep slopes, carrying the log clean off the ground toward the line pull. On gentler terrain the handle can be pulled down first to lift the log and then proceed to carry the log along.