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Atv-Expert Juontokärry (Log skidding long trees)

We testing logging trailer and Polaris ranger 400 in Pärnu, Eesti. Testasimme juonto kärryä Virossa pärnun kaupungissa.


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ATV Log Skidder Arch Hauler
ATV Log Skidder Arch Hauler made by Country ATV

ATV Log Arch/Skidder. 1 Ton Cap. USA MADE!!
Maine Mobile Welding Service LLC. (207)314-1117 info@mainemobilewelding.com This is a demonstration of our heavy duty 6 ft. Log Arch. We have what you need for easier home heating. Please contact is with any questions. Thanks for watching!!

Kuormaus ja kuorman purku
Opetusvideo, joka näyttää kädestä pitäen, kuinka suuri koivutukki lastataan ja kuinka kuorma puretaan. Tehokaksikkoa MiL-Kärry ja MiL-Renki käyttäen kummassakaan työvaiheessa ei tarvitse tukkia nostaa. Tämä säästää selkääsi. Tutustu myös nettisivuihimme osoitteessa www.mil-pilke.fi This video shows accurately how to load and unload MiL-Kärry and MiL-Renki when they are used together. You can easily haul big logs with these cars. Check also our english website at www.mil-pilke.fi

MUTS ATV Trailer Conversion to Log Skidder
The MUTS trailer can convert to a log skidder.

MUTS ATV Trailer 2013
Multi use ATV utility trailer. Winch load and haul firewood, logs, sand, rocks, moose, bear, deer.....

Mönkijät ja lisävarusteet vaikeassa maastossa Polaris, Atv-expert ja Vahva jussi 2012
http://www.facebook.com/StuntFreaks STUNTFREAKSTAM IN FACEBOOK CHECK IT OUT!! www.Stuntfreaksteam.org Songs F-State - Chilled ark F-State - Earthscraper Testaamme Polariksen, Atv-Expertin ja Vahva-Jussin laitteita vaihtelevassa maastossa. Mallisto 2012!

MiL-Kärry Savotalla
MiL-Kärry tekee puunajon tehokkaaksi, turvalliseksi ja keveäksi selällesi. MiL-Kärry on kotimaassa valmistettu kestämään kovaa käyttöä. Tutustu myös nettisivuihimme osoitteessa www.mil-pilke.fi This video shows how to use MiL-Kärry in action. It is easy, fast and safe way to haul big trees. Check also our english website at www.mil-pilke.fi

Atv-Expert trailers ja Snowexpert sleighs.mpeg
Mönkijä on hyvä työväline - Atv helps a lot of in real works WWW.ATV-EXPERT.COM. Check pics and info on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=14986&id=122160054481432#!/pages/Atv- Expert-Monkijan-lisavarusteet/116259175079665?ref=ts

Polaris 550 Prospector tracks & Atv-Expert Timber Pro 600 skiset
Alkoi kämppään tulla kylmä niin oli lähdettävä puusavottaan! Harvoissa töissä on näin hauskaa! Tässä siitä kertova video.

Lewis Winch lifts massive log into truck, most POWERFUL portable winch ever!!
http://LewisWinch.com The Lewis Chainsaw Winch can lift massive loads like this huge log downed on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. This commercial owner uses Lewis Snatch Blocks to increase his pulling power, and you can see was very successful. For more information e-mail info@LewisWinch.com

Ruff Testing - Ultratec Sleight Suomi-kärry & Lynx RE 600
Testing how fast you can go whit this small sleight! Testasimme kuinka lujaa voi ajaa tämän pienen reen kanssa! www.atv-expert.com

Atv log crane
Atv, mönkijä, karryt, atv yamaha, atv honda, arctic cat, goes, log crane, hydraulikuormain

Tehokaksikko MiL-Kärry ja MiL-Renki testissä
MiL-Kärry ja MiL-Renki testissä vaikeissa olosuhteissa Tutustu myös nettisivuihimme osoitteessa www.mil-pilke.fi This video shows how to use MiL-Kärry and MiL-Renki together for hauling big logs with an ordinary atv. With these cars you can easily haul big logs. Check also our english website at www.mil-pilke.fi

Yamaha ATV Grizzly 700 On Tracks Dashing Through The Snow Into Cubbee Falls - Mar.17 2013
First Grizzly track ride away from home. We loaded up the big Grizz and headed out to Cubbee Falls. Pretty cool day, about -10c but not too bad. Lots and lots of snow on the way in. We didn't get stuck but we did have to back up a few times in the hills. Those tracks are awesome! Found out when we were at the falls, that my external mic was only plugged into the gopro part of the way. Way to go Cubbee! The gopro did continue to record sound though but it had the closed back on and you just couldn't make out my voice. As a result, I spent the day yesterday, wearing my helmet at the computer doing voice overs for the first half of the video!! Doesn't sound the best, but at least I was able to still use the video. Going to really try hard not to do that again. If you like our videos, be sure to comment, share, thumbs up and subscribe! An add to your featured "other channels box" would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching! Join us on facebook: www.facebook.com/cubbeezx You can also find us on twitter: http://twitter.com/cubbeezx You can also check us out on our blog page: http://cubbeezx.blogspot.ca/ Be sure to check out our new FAQ we have been working on, while you are there! Thanks to the following Partners: www.fxrracing.com www.Mustangsurvival.com www.senabluetooth.com www.findmespot.ca www.rammount.com You pet lovers might want to check out our other channel: PawsTheVideo http://www.youtube.com/user/PawsTheVideo/videos Background music during the slideshow at the end of the video is called: "Pioneers" by Jason Shaw, downloaded from: www.audionautix.com The music is used with permission as follows: "All music in this online collection created by Jason Shaw. Released under Creative Commons license 3.0 You are free to use the music (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit " audionautix.com" where possible. Music must be part of some other created works. No further permission is required."

Dimensions: Lenght 1700mm x width 1200mm x height 1300mm Tyres: 22 x 11 - 8 Weight 60kg Load capacity: 500kg Includes electric ATV winch or manual winch for pulling the logs out of the woods (winch is Bronco GEN II, 1134kg, rope lenght 15m) Hang / tie system to carry a larger logs, turnable lower frame to carry lighter timber wood. Tie down chain and rope to fix the logs on to the hauler frame Safety- and user manual included.

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