GTI vs Cobalt SS

GTI - 16lbs of Boost Cobalt SS - 23 lbs of Boost

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09 stage 2 gti vs 09 cobalt ss turbo charged
this is me and my buddy racing. i am in the gti. gti mods= intake, downpipe, Exhaust, apr stage 2 cobalt mods= upgraded Intercooler, injen charge pipes, other then that all stock.

Silverado vs Cobalt SS Turbo vs 350z
Produced on a closed course using computer generated effects while being filmed in Mexico, Greenland, Australia, and Turkey- All in one day.

LS1 Camaro on Spray vs Kenne Bell Cobra vs Turbo swapped Cobalt SS
Filmed in Mexico... Special Thanks to Full Throttle Videos for putting this evening together and letting us all hang out with you guys. FTV channel

AP2 s2000 vs 08 cobalt SS
ap2: 3" Exhaust cobalt: stage 2 i think.. not sure.