GTI vs Cobalt SS

GTI - 16lbs of Boost Cobalt SS - 23 lbs of Boost

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09 stage 2 gti vs 09 cobalt ss turbo charged
this is me and my buddy racing. i am in the gti. gti mods= intake, downpipe, Exhaust, apr stage 2 cobalt mods= upgraded Intercooler, injen charge pipes, other then that all stock.

Cobalt SS TC vs. Built WRX
2010 Cobalt SS: Werks pte5557 turbo kit, turboback Exhaust, E47 tune, 22psi 2003 WRX Wagon: Built 2.0, hta68 turbo, intake, turboback Exhaust, 750cc injectors, E30 tune on 22psi 40 roll

Cobalt SS turbo E85 Meth VS H/C/I Camaro Z28
Cobalt SS stock turbo e85 and meth street tune Camaro boltons heads and cammed Mustang 3v gt tune and Cams only

Straight piping a 2009 Cobalt SS/TC
All fab work by our friend Joey. Dylan got a ZZP Catless downpipe and Joey fabbed a straight pipe the whole way back with the stock tip on and it sounds awesome! Next is the charge pipe and tune and the car should be sitting around 330whp.