Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap Part 8 - Headers Installed - Radiator and Electric Fans

This is part 8 of our 1987 Pontiac Trans Am engine swap series. We have been swapping in a carbed 357 V8 in place of the original 305 TPI. Since the last video, we have installed the headers and hooked up the Exhaust. We also put in the radiator and the electric fans. Next up, we'll start on all the engine accessories. We are all finished under the car and it's ready to be rolled off the ramps. I hope you find this series interesting...thanks for watching!

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Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap Part 9 - 357 V8 - Alternator Power Steering Water Pump
We're getting closer now, only a few more things before she'll run. We managed to install the water pump, alternator, power steering pump, heater hoses, and radiator hoses. Now, we basically have to put in the HEI distributor, plugs, and some fuel lines...then we'll be ready to fire it up. There will probably be a couple more vids before we actually start it for the first time. Thanks for watching along, we appreciate it!

Pro Am Pontiac Firebird vs Surf City Garage
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New Engine Installed - Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap Part 7 - 357 V8 Street Demon Carb
This is part 7 of our 1987 Pontiac Trans Am engine swap series. We are in the process of switching from a 305 TPI to a 357 Carbed engine. Since the last video, we have managed to get the new engine dropped into the car. It's fully mounted to the trans and we even installed the carb. We're running the new 625 cfm Street Demon carb on it, because we preferred some of it's design features. By the next video, we should have the headers and Exhaust installed and maybe have the fuel system set up. I hope you find these vids interesting....thanks for watching! http://www.facebook.com/RamblinAroundonYouTube http://ramblinaroundonyoutube.wordpress.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/RamblinAround The background music track is Whiskey on the Mississippi by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link:http://music.incompetech.com/royaltyfree2/Whiskey%20on%20the%20Mississ ippi.mp3 MacLeod's description: Genre: Blues Length: 3:15 Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Kit, Organ, EP Tempo: 90 With a jumping bass and off-beat syncopation, this is straight from Memphis' Beale Street. The Hammond organ and electric guitar play together as longtime friends, while the melody changes hands from guitar to organ to electric piano. 011 ISRC: US-UAN-11-00709 Bouncy, Grooving 2010

Almost Done - Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap Part 10 357 V8 Street Demon Carb
This is Part 10 of our 1987 Pontiac Trans Am engine swap series. We've been swapping in a carbed 357 small block in place of the original 305 TPI. Since the last video, we installed the distributor, plugs, and wires. We also plumbed in the temporary fuel setup with a Mallory 4309 Regulator. Then, I painted the factory valve covers and tightened up the belts. We only have a few more things to get done before we can fire this engine up for the first time. I hope you find the videos interesting...thanks for watching!