DSM - 3" TBE w/Magnaflow Muffler (sound clip)

Sound clip of a 1G DSM with a 3" turbo back Exhaust and a magnaflow muffler.

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DSM Magnaflow exhaust and antilag
2g DSM Custom Magnaflow Exhaust and some Antilag. Please excuse the belt squeel. Turns out I lost my tensioner rod for the alternator which I need to replace now. This is with using ECMLink v3 on speed density, a Holset HX40, and Delta Cam HKS 272 grind cams. This is also a dual muffler 3" Exhaust system with out cat.

Quick Rev - 1G DSM
One week old, and I couldn't love her any more! 3 inch catless straight out the back with 2.5 inch downpipe. Stock turbo and stock O2 housing. Gotta love those dirt roads ; )

DSM Exhaust -Full 3 Inch, Magnaflow Muffler and tips, Megan Downpipe, Hanksville Hot Rods
Video of my 1990 Eclipse GSX with a new full 3" Exhaust. Parts links: http://amzn.to/14NP12o - Megan 3" downpipe http://amzn.to/1g55uQc - Magnaflow Muffler 12229 http://amzn.to/MkhhBt - Magnaflow resonator 12619 http://amzn.to/19kJD51 - Magnaflow Dual Exhaust tips (modified to 3" by Exhaust shop) http://performance-curve.com/410300.aspx - High flow 3" CAT

DSM with magnaflow turboback
full 3" custom turboback with magnaflow muffler [This IS NOT my car!]