DSM - 3" TBE w/Magnaflow Muffler (sound clip)

Sound clip of a 1G DSM with a 3" turbo back Exhaust and a magnaflow muffler.

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1G DSM - APEXi N1 Exhaust Note w/ DSM Link Launch Control
This is my 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Full turbo-back APEXi N1 Exhaust (no cats). Running DSM Link with launch control on.

Talon TSi AWD Magnaflow Muffler Exhaust 3"
Just finished hanging up my new Exhaust on my '95 Talon AWD....has an evo3 16g turbo and 3" turboback Exhaust with a generic 3" resonator and a magnaflow muffler.

new ebay muffler N1
* better camera spot* Eclipse GSX S16G turbo + BPU, custom 3" TBE, N1 Muffler

1995 DSM 2g eagle talon tsi gsx eclipse 4g63 B16G turbo 20psi exhaust/slight pull
well small pull to test out sound and spool of new setup, currently waiting on fpr and 255, 4g63 20psi b16g turbo , how it sound to u ??