DSM - 3" TBE w/Magnaflow Muffler (sound clip)

Sound clip of a 1G DSM with a 3" turbo back Exhaust and a magnaflow muffler.

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Talon TSi AWD Magnaflow Muffler Exhaust 3"
Just finished hanging up my new Exhaust on my '95 Talon AWD....has an evo3 16g turbo and 3" turboback Exhaust with a generic 3" resonator and a magnaflow muffler.

Quick Rev - 1G DSM
One week old, and I couldn't love her any more! 3 inch catless straight out the back with 2.5 inch downpipe. Stock turbo and stock O2 housing. Gotta love those dirt roads ; )

1G DSM - APEXi N1 Exhaust Note w/ DSM Link Launch Control
This is my 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Full turbo-back APEXi N1 Exhaust (no cats). Running DSM Link with launch control on.

URD Exhaust With Magnaflow XL Turbo Muffler - First start up of the day.
This is my setup right now -URD TCAI -Doug Thorley Long Tube Headers -3" URD Catback Exhaust system with Magnaflow turbo xl muffler -APR engine management