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Ohio Bigfoot Hunter @ Bipedal Running?
Ohio Bigfoot Hunter

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter @ In Search Of Anything Unusual
Ohio Bigfoot Hunter

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter @ Could These Footprints Be The Real Deal?
Ohio Bigfoot Hunter I'll answer your questions before you ask me: Q. Did I have a tape measure and casting material? A. Nope Q. Why not? A. I don't care about that part of Bigfooting anymore . It's a waste of time and foot casts all over the house is unpleasant to look at. Q. Was there more prints? A. Yep Q. Did you film them? A. Nope. Battery level was low and I wanted to save the power in case of a visual encounter and not waste time on filming unnecessary things. Also I was texting a lady friend and you know how important that is! Q. Tim do you think they were Bigfoot prints? A. I'm 75/25 on this one of being the real deal. It's inconclusive and I'm sure there will be morons and trolls who will say I faked them. Lol Q. Tim do you take your research seriously? A. I sure do but you have to add Fun and Laughter or it will eat you from the inside out. Q. Where were these footprints found? A. Really??? You actually think I'm going to reveal that so hoaxers that are watching this can play games with me? Actually it wouldn't be hard to figure out my research area and I don't care. I'll bet they can never find this exact location though. Q. Tim what will you do if you have a face to face encounter? A. RUN! Lol ! And then watch Bigfoot slipping on my shit while it's chasing me! Have a great day! Thanks for watching!

Bigfoot Print Found In Ohio, Sasquatch Sightings On The Rise 9-20-2013
Ashtabula County resident Wendy___ she asked to have her last name withheld because she's not sure she wants to be involved with Bigfoot stories -- was doing yard work on Aug. 11 when she noticed a 7.5 inch wide footprint that was an inch and a half deep into the mud. Source = 111.html ==========Other Must See Videos ============ 120 Elk Dead Near Possible Crop Circle Or UFO Landing Site In New Mexico Meteorologist Spots UFO On HD Weathercam Object Is Still Unidentified Lincoln NE 9-9-13 Mysterious Ice Ball Fell from The Sky In Brooklyn On A Cloudless 80 Degree Day - News 9-8-2013 = Google Declines Comment On The Kentucky UFO Incident They Claim Was Project Loon 8-19-13 = Area 51 No Longer A Conspiracy Theory ,But What's Actually Going On There Is 8-16-2013 Several Glowing UFOs Seen In The Skies Over Minneapolis 8-16-2013 UFO's and Electric Blue Clouds Witnessed Over Florida After Rocket Launch 8-8-2013 UFO Caught By Security Camera Or Ghostly Apparition Experts Are Baffled 8-7-2013 Same UFO's Filmed By 3 Separate People In 2 Different States On the same Day July 27, 2013 = 50 Years Later, Kecksburg UFO Incident Remains Mystery 7-27-2013 More UFO Reports Last Year Than Any Time In History, MUFON Holds International Symposium 7- 22-13 = 2 Men From NC Have Had Constant UFO Sightings since 2012 Still No Explanation 7-13-2013 = English Woman Describes Her Close Encounter On Oct. 21st 1954 Time Magazine Reports The Roswell Incident Wasn't Aliens It Was The Russians US Government To Release New UFO INFO 6-29-2013 Roswell, Denied Officially By The Air Force With Lengthy Report Two F-15's Who See A "UFO ROCK" Floating At 17,000r = UFO Lima Peru May 30, 2013 = UFO Sightings In Canada Double Previous Record - New Report In -5-15-2013 = New Ufo Flies Into Popocatépetl Volcano Must See To Believe May 30 2013 = UFO Burning Up Over Lake Titicaca Peru May 2013 Full Video After News Report = UFO At The Haunted Edgemore Barn,California May 2013 = Alien, Ghost or Extraterrestrial photographed with a Ohio child with Cancer June 2013= UFO Hovers For hours over Fresno California May 2013 = Crop Circle Appears Overnight In Gray Tennessee May 3-2013 = Hundreds Of UFO Reports From Phoenix To Texas On 5-22-2013 = 50 Pound Ice Meteor Strikes Family's Yard In Gray Tennessee May 2013 = UFO Fleet Sparks Reports All Over South America May 11 2013 = Testimony Of Dying CIA Official 2013, About UFO's And The Extraterrestrial reality May 2013 = UFO Rocha, Uruguay April 27, 2013 = Undeniable Multiple UFO's Over Texas 4-27-2013 = Unknown Fleet Of Craft Leaving Earth's Atmosphere Nasa Footage Over Africa = Russian Girl Photographs A Saucer Shaped UFO April 2013 = Strange Lights Back In Phoenix April 21, 2013 Arizona Residents Have Flashbacks = The Maury Island UFO Incident June 21, 1947 , Is Getting New Life By A Hollywood Film = Ufo Causes Catastrophic Failure In Russian Military Jet At an Airshow = UFO Sightings Rise Government Interest Wanes Public Left To Deal = Two New Area51 Books Tell Of Gradual Disclosure to the Public. 4/4/13 = Strange Ice Circles Crop Up In New York Pond March 25 2013 = UFO's Buzz Homes In Florida And The Military Shows Up March 14, 2013 =