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Ohio Bigfoot Hunter @ Beaver Assault
Ohio Bigfoot Hunter

Bigfoot in Southeastern Ohio
Discovering Bigfoot in Southeastern Ohio

WBNS | Bigfoot in Ohio
There have been reported encounters to footprints to possible DNA. There is now even a cable television show dedicated to communicating and finding the creature. Bigfoot believers, like Doug Waller, say that the evidence speaks for itself. He recently took part in a hunt for Bigfoot, near Salt Lake State Park in Guernsey County. "These things don't really want to be discovered," Waller said. "They lived here before the park was built. This is their home." Get the latest Bigfoot News at

Sasquatch found in Ohio?
The back story per TruthSeeker1 is this guy was trying to find an owl when he came across this supposed Sasquatch. Let me know what you think! Like if you think he has a bigfoot, dislike if you don't!