Night landing in Long Beach in HD

Landing Tobago TB-9 (Tampico) in Long Beach February 26, 2011. ILS 30 coupled approach to LGB. Light turbulence, probably because of rain showers in the vicinity of the airport.

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Night Landing in Los Angeles (cockpit view)
Night Landing in Los Angeles

Rare 747 Heavy Landing on Boston Logan's 4L
Two very rare landings on Boston Logan's 4L today. The British Airways Boeing 747 lands with lots of plow activity going on too. The other was Alitalia - and I did post that too. (Please note that in the beginning of this video I said the runway was 22L, it is 4L).

A320 Landing at LGB (Cockpit View)
A320 Landing at Long Beach, California (Cockpit View)

Challenger 300 instrument approach
ILS approach into Iowa