1995 Ford Lightning Supercharged

KenneBell Lightning, Just slightly modified....

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Lightning Burnout
1st and 2nd generation F150 Lightnings performing side by side burnouts.

1994 Ford Lightning Supercharged Driving

AutosLed: Barra LED curvo 4D 50" chip Cree - Ford Raptor 2014
Ford Raptor 2014 Se instaló: Barra Led curvo 4D 50" chip Cree de largo alcance con bracket original. 288w de potencia. 38,880 Lúmenes Vida útil: 30mil horas. Garantía real de fábrica Soporte técnico de por VIDA!

"Red Morning" with KC Mathieu
See what it's like to go on a morning errand with KC Mathieu in his 1968 Ford F100, aka Frankenstein Ford.