Mercedes-Benz GLK at a crash test

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Euro NCAP Safety Test Results Mercedes GLK
SUBSCRIBE for daily car videos! Euro NCAP Safety Test Results Mercedes GLK

Mercedes GLK Class Extreme Testing
Glowing with genuine character, the long awaited Mercedes-Benz GLK is set to take the world of compact SUVs by storm. Potential customers can be guaranteed the new compact SUV has been exposed to some of the most relentless testing and development processes. From sub-zero temperatures in Sweden to the burning heat in Africa, the new compact GLK has been put through its passes in the most demanding of climatic conditions. This extreme testing and development has allowed Mercedes-Benz engineers to rectify any potential system faults or weaknesses prior to release. Automotive Tv goes along for the ride and reveals how Mercedes-Benz engineers push the boundaries of extreme testing.

120mph Mega Crash! - Fifth Gear
The world's fastest ever crash test -- just how big are the forces involved and how much of a family car is left after it crashes at a speed not uncommon on British motorways? For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel -

Mercedes GLS 500 off-road
Mercedes-Benz GLS is widely perceived as an ordinary crossover, but even without special training on highway tires, it feels good off-road. #gls #x166 #suv #oldbenz