Pontiac G8 Drag Strip Run

Our Pedderised, ProCharged Corsa equipped G8 make 480 RWHP. The OE Wheels and Tires are bit under size. Running at the strip with the traction control on the car still rips loose on the up shifts -- even when I try to moderate the throttle at the point of the up shift. Our best runs are 12.7 seconds -- even running with a light throttle. We will upgrade the tires and wheels very soon and expect to run very low 12s with street tires.

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G8 GT - Solo Axle Backs and X-pipe
Deleted the mid- muffler and added an X-pipe. Kept the stock resonators. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT Roto-Fab Intake Solo Axle Back - 3.5" Tips Custom X-pipe GXP Diffuser

G8 Benchmark March 30 2009
A group of Pontiac G8s are run on a skid pad at the New Jersey Motorsports Park by professional drivers Chris Brannon and Stan Wilson. The group includes: (1) Stock G8 and (3) Pedderised and ProCharged G8s. Three of the G8s run on Bridgestone tires. The OE G8 booked a .88 on the pad. The three Pedderised G8s were all over 1G. You can see the difference on the video, but the best way is to feel the difference. The fully prepped Pedders USA, LLC G8 booked a 1.03 on the pad with ease and is a daily driver used to take the kids to school. Pedderised = Stability, Predictability and Daily Driver Comfort. When the new 2010 Camaro delivers you can expect similar performance as both vehicles share the GM ZETA platform technology. Pontiac, Chevrolet and GM are building some of the best vehicles in the world and the only way to make them better is to Pedderise them.

1971 Dodge Dart vs Pontiac G8 GT drag race
No Limit Dragway 10-18-2010. Here's my Dart. 5.9, Iron Ram heads, custom camshaft, stock 670 street avenger, RPM Air Gap intake, 4.11 gear, 904 trans. 12.15 @ 108. vs 13.44 @ 106

2008 Pontiac G8 GT Exhaust
2008 Pontiac G8 GT with Corsa Mufflers.