2x4 climb in Thunder the Chevy K10

Went 4x4ing at a local spot and had a guy record getting into the entrance, it's taller than it looks. And I was trying to see if I could get up it in 2x4 because anyone with 33's or bigger and at least a 6" lift could of done it in 4x4

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78 CHEVY K10 4X4
not a truck you see every day but one that will never die . 78 k10 with engine mods and mild 4x4 mods my beast of burden.

1986 Chevy K10
This is my new truck I recently finished.

k10 in the snow
i need lockers

1986 Chevrolet Monster Truck Build
We take a look back on what it took to build this nice piece of American hardware. Free Royalty Free Music by DanoSongs.com Craigslist listing available at : http://holland.craigslist.org/cto/3906171276.html