2001 Honda Accord V6

Megan Racing Headers, Aeon Catback, Magnaflow Highflow Cat, Short Ram Air Intake, Crane Ignition with Dual Stage Rev Limiter, Acura CL Type S Cam Swap, KMS Forged Pistons, KMS Dual Racing Springs, KMS Titanium Retainers, KMS Stainless Steel Racing Valves, KMS Valve Guide seals.

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1998 Honda Accord V6 With Open Headers
This is my 1998 Honda Accord EX-V6 with a J30. It's automatic but I was creative to put a bag over my shifter. This is my dad's car but I've helped him put it together since we've first got it. Please no haters, im just here sharing my car. Hope you like.

DIY: How to Seafoam an Acura CL 3.0 or Honda Accord V6 (J30 engines)
Yes, I know the vid is cheesy. Was originally doing this vid to make fun of "Goss's Garage" on MotorWeek. But after the first scene, I thought I could really help people with seafoaming Yes, I know I should have used a funnel to pour the seafoam into the crank case, I just didn't have one available at the moment. And I was trying to get this done before it got darker. And yes, I know there is a screw driver holding the gas tank lid open. I was parked on an incline and it kept closing.

Turbo Accord V6 Startup
(Car is for Sale $6500) This video is for the people that dont belive I have a turbo in my v6 accord.

My 2001 Honda Accord V6
got bored so i decided to make a video. enjoy