Autoclub Highside Crash, GSXR Ouch!

What are the odds of a Go-Pro camera catching a full highside! I don't know, watch this and find out! Recorded Jan 7 2011, right before the WERA weekend. Looks like I'm out for a while...Thank God I walked away without any breaks. I will post pictures of the bike at once I'm a little better off.

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CBR1000 Highside Crash
Rider was uninjured other than a little road rash. Head hit hard enough to split helmet.Location Mulholland Highway near Malibu, CA オートバイのクラッシュ Motorcykel 摩托车事故 de accidentes de motocicleta تحطم دراجة نارية ชนรถจักรยานยนต์ accident de moto Motocikl Crash Μοτοσικλέτα

87 GSXR 750/ 1127 CRASH
Dry-Nitro Dragbike crash reel: Highsides
This week we've compiled some of the most spectacular crashes from all three World Championship classes, focussing on the dreaded "highside" crashes.

Crazy Highside - Rider Launched through Air
Maybe a little too much gas in the turn. The motorcycle loses rear, catches and rider highsides. Unfortunately he snapped his wrist but was otherwise ok. Gear really wouldn't have helped in this case since he came down hard on his wrist. The bike was a Suzuki GSXR 750. Location was the Snake section of Mulholland Highway near the famous Rockstore. Put 31200 Mulholland Hwy Agoura Hills, CA into Google Maps to locate. Best time to visit is Sunday after 10am. Beautiful spot with amazing bikes and cars. Often Jay Leno with show up with something from his collection. Follow me on Instagram Camera used was a Panasonic HMC150. Originally shot 720p 60fps.