Durango, Dodge Truck and Chrysler Aspen Owners!!!

Video of a fuel tank check valve issue with the Durango Dodge truck and Chrysler Aspen. Chrysler issued a recall for some 2005 Durango's, but is not interested in helping other owners with the same problem.

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If you want to purchase a Chrysler Dodge product be aware that it's made very cheap. Door handles brake because they are made out of plastic. Then there's the PINK THING - what consumers have nick named the Shift lockout plastic part, or PINK THINGY. BTW- they have had a recall on the part, but of your car wasn't made in a specific factory and at a certain day or exact time your out of luck. That's what I was told from the factory. I personally don't care where or when it was built they all have this crappy plastic pink part that when it breaks and I promise it will you will be stranded and can't do anything about it. Then if you spend a few hundred dollars getting it fixed they replace it with the same plastic part. BBTW- Billet is capitalizing on Chrysler cheapness and they make and offer the same part made out of aluminum. Just in case your already stuck with this crappy product. IT GET'S WORSE MY ENGINE BLEW UP A FEW MONTHS LATER EXACTLY AT 75,000 MILES, DO YOUR RESEARCH IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS OFTEN RIGHT AROUND THAT MILEAGE, I ENDED UP SELLING THE CAR WITH A BLOWN ENGINE FOR PRACTICALLY NOTHING, OF COARSE IT WAS RIGHT AFTER THE WARRANTY WAS EXPIRED AT 60K. I FELL LIKE I GOT RIPPED OFF. #300C #CHRYSLER #chrysler #chrysler300

Newark Delaware Assembly Plant – Dodge Durango / Chrysler Aspen Hybrid vehicle news
I do not own this content. It is owned by UAW-Chrysler National Training Center.This video is circa 2008. The content was recovered from a DVD from the former Newark Assembly Plant in Newark Delaware.

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Chrysler Aspen 5.7L Hemi on Flowmaster super 10
2007 Chrysler Aspen 5.7L Hemi on 26's, custom tail light tinting with LED reverse lights, Flowmaster Super 10, with Alpine Surround Sound, HID headlights, Leather and Suede seats, Tinted windows.