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SAAB Gripen E - promo videos
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Gripen NG: a new generation is ready. Are you? We are Gripen pilots. We make a difference -- to the nations we represent, and to the people we protect. The world's most advanced multi-role fighter just became the next generation of fighters. Our sensors, our weapons and our performance are superior. And with the world's most advanced tactical link, we have the information advantage. We are Gripen pilots, and this is our story. Check out our social media channels:

Gripen: The Smart Fighter
When it comes to fighter development, at Saab we have our own philosophy. Using technology and a different way of thinking, we have redefined what a fighter aircraft can be. We call it Gripen. Speed, strength and intelligence are its key components. In this way, it is perfectly balanced. Discover more at

Incredible Saab JAS 39 Gripen Aerial Footage [HD]