VW Drag Racing 2600cc plenty HP!

Bears VW Hilo Hawaii, one of my first video's, it was made from very little video, was challenging to get something 4 minutes long! enjoy!!

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Hawaii Bowl Turner Elmer Adams PART #2
Elmer Adams bowl turner, Kea'au Hawaii _he is turning a Island Norfolk Pine piece, I will have about 6 video's and they are going online out of order but keep checking back, they are coming! He will be doing much more detailed talking about how he turns 40'' bowls and finish, sanding, moisture and all the problems and fixes! Thanks for watching!

#7 Hawaii (Big Island Hilo) VW Drag Racing Bug - In 2010 Part 3
Bug In 2010

Drag Racing Turbo VW JSE Racing
Some miscellaneous JSE racing clips

Bad A$$ VW Bug
My buddy built a VW Bug that does under 12 seconds in the quarter mile. Enjoy