GAS747 Holden Calais turbo by Tunnel Vision

Paul's Calais runs a personal best time at Heathcote. The Holden is the quickest VL turbo and Nissan powered car in Australia on LPG fuel. Boosted by a Tunnel Vision RB30 and custom LP Gas fuel system, power comes from a Garrett GT42 turbocharger. This was Paul's first time out with this new combination so expect the car to run quicker yet. [ ]

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Holden Calais turbo ~ 8.25 / 170mph
Cameron's Holden Calais VL turbo runs a personal best pass at Heathcote. The car is powered by a D'Annello Performance Nissan RB25/30 twin cam six cylinder, Boosted by a Garret turbocharger running a Wolf EMS E85 fuel system through radial tyres with chassis tuning by JL Racecars. Holden VL Calais turbo Nissan RB25/30 3L forged engine Garrett GTX4202R turbo Custom Garrett Intercooler Wolf V550 Datalogger ECU, E85 fuel system, MT X275 radial tyres Powerglide transmission, 9in diff Power: 734kW / 984hp @ wheels Built & tuned by: D'Annello Performance Special thanks to: Robbie @ Wolf EMS John Lang @ JL Racecars Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - June 7th 2015. Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram

GMRB30 Commodore VL turbo
Dave's VL Commodore runs a personalb est passs at Heathcote Park Raceway. The car features a forged RB30 engine and is Boost by a custom JPC Garrett T66 turbo and Autronic EFI.

Holden ' Barradore ' - Ford 4L turbo
After running the car over the 1/8 mile Sam's Holden VC Commodore has become the quickest Ford 4L Barra powered door car in Australia after only his first 1/4 mile outing. The car ran a best pass of 7.49 @ 182mph at the Melbourne Jamboree. Holden VC Commodore Ford 4L DOHC Barra I6 engine Spool Imports billet crank, forged rods & pistons Specialised Power Porting cylinder head Garrett GT55 turbocharger, 6Boost manifold Quickbitz EFI injectors, methanol fuel Haltech Elite ECU tuned by Quickbitz MDT Transmissions TH400 3-spd, trans-brake Full chassis, 4-link suspension setup by SPP Best ET: 7.49 @ 182mph FIRST 1/4 mile outing Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Melbourne Jamboree Calder Park, Australia - October 23rd & 24th 2015.

8-second street Holden
Brendan's Holden HQ Coupe blasts into the eight second zone at Heathcote. Driven to and from the track, the big Holden street car is powered by a 403ci GM LS V8 engine and Boosted by a large Garrett turbocharger. 1973 Holden HQ coupe GM LS3 V8 engine 403ci LQ9 iron block, LS3 heads Callies crank & rods, forged pistons Allsparks hydraulic roller camshaft Garrett GTX45R turbocharger @ 18psi VE Commodore reversed manifolds turbosmart 50mm wastegate, eBoost 2 controller GM computer, E85 fuel system Preston Automatics Powerglide, Reid case 3500rpm stall converter 9in diff, 35-spline floating axles Full Exhaust, MT 315/60 radials Tuned by: Allsparks Automotive Driven to and from the track Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - July 5th 2015