German for dinner

A computer generated race I put together on my Solid Works program. Ran into a stock gt3 who wanted to run me, better luck next time. Not bashing Porsche they make cool cars

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Mom rides a 1500hp Corvette Twin turbo Scare cam
Mothers day gift this year was a joy ride in a 1500hp twin turbo Corvette

Race car interior
Overview and review of the interior modifications I have done to my car. See how you enter and strap into a race car.

Getting tired
Everything you upgrade on a car will be meaningless if the tire cannot transfer that to the road. In this video we look at some upgraded tires in my setup. Running oem C6 coupe wheels 18in front and rear. The rears got widened to 11in. Tires are Toyo R888 275/35/18 front and 335/30/18 rear. For drag racing I am running MH racemaster 324/45/17. To clear the brakes 1in wheel adapters are used.

Nicoles Corvette scare cam
My friend Nicole takes her first ride in the SinisTTerC6, I think she had fuN! Check in next week for it's next victim! Car is a Twin turbo race prepped 1800rwhp monster that recently went 203pmh in the half mile and holds the record for fastest Corevtte. This year I've added 300HP and ProEFI's traction control.