Old Top Gear Seat Ibiza GTi's 1996 Race

Old Top Gear from 1996 The Top Gear team have a race in Seat Ibiza GTi's This clip was extracted from the episode that was first broadcast on the 15th May 1996

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Old Top Gear 1997 - Seat Ibiza GTi
Jeremy Clarkson tests the Seat Ibiza GTi special edition. The Top Gear team also has a race around Silverstone national circuit in 6 Ibiza race cars. Taken from an early 1997 episode of the old Format Top Gear

Seat Ibiza Kit Car Evo 1 - Corsica 1996
Seat Ibiza Kit Car Evo1 on the 1996 Rally of Corsica. Please visit www.SeatSport.info for more Seat information.

Old Top Gear: Seat Ibiza Cupra
Victoria Butler Henderson road test Seat's Ibiza Cupra in her usual ways.

Seat Ibiza Cupra 2.0 16V