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Edelbrock E-force Stage 2 Supercharged C6 Corvette LS2
Bone stock 2005 Corvette LS2 T56 with: Edelbrock E-force stage 2 Supercharger kit installed 600hp 550lb-ft Build pics and first drive video clips

C5 Corvette Cam install first Drive
This is my first time driving my C5 Corvette since doing the cam install and lots of other mods in the down time. It is untuned at the moment. Cam is Tick Perfomace SNS Torquemax stage 2 v2. 231/235 | .625"/.605" | LSA111+2

C5 Z06 Heads/ Cam LS2/ BTR Stage 2 Cam
C5 Corvette Z06, LS2 shortblock, TEA 2.5 243 heads milled to 64cc (11.4:1), Brian Tooley stage 2 cam, port matched Fast 92mm intake, Johnson short travel lifters, Cloyes hex-a-just timing set, LG longtube headers, Walbro GRJ420P fuel pump, stock Ti catback

ACS Composite Corvette Spoiler and Side Skirt 2014
Call us for a quote 310.827.8121 If you have a stingray and want to improve styling and aerodynamics the ACS Composite spoiler kit and winglets is the answer. gray-aero-pack ACS Composite introduces the Stingray Aero-Packs; a series of ACS aerodynamic components for the C7 Stingray Corvette. A specific conversion kit is available in an assortment of finishes. Parts are sold as kits, optimizing value and shipping cost. Whether you wish to install the components yourself, or you are a dealer seeking to increase profits while reducing shipping and paint charges. An ACS Aero-Pack will set your Stingray apart from the crowd. Base kits are sold in a black primer. Finish upgrades include a resistant satin black finish or the Carbon Flash Black, matching the C7 trim pieces like Hood Insert, and rear diffusers. ACS components are designed to improve airflow around the sleek Stingray and enhance its already aggressive stance. Splitter will not lower the ride height while improving the front airflow; Wheel deflectors rush the air around the front wheels to help cool brakes under hard braking while extracting brake dust. Similarly the side rockers do not lower the ride height with a complete undercarriage protection while matching the Stingray's lines. ACS-C7 Stingray Aero-Pack includes : A choice of one of three splitters ACS-C7 Splitter w/ deflectors 45-4-005 ACS-Five1 Splitter w/ deflectors / winglets 45-4-035 Z06 Style Splitter w/ Stage 2 winglets 45-4-037 and 45-4-077 Z06 Style Splitter w/ Stage 3 deflectors 45-4-037 and 45-4-083 Select one of two rockers ACS-C7 Side Rockers Zero1 45-4-001 ACS-C7 Side Rockers Zero7 45-4-015