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2013 STI stage 2+ at Cicero drag strip vs Corvette

C5 Corvette Cam install first Drive
This is my first time driving my C5 Corvette since doing the cam install and lots of other mods in the down time. It is untuned at the moment. Cam is Tick Perfomace SNS Torquemax stage 2 v2. 231/235 | .625"/.605" | LSA111+2

1996 Corvette LT4 vs 2005 STi Stage II Finish Line POV
30-130 MPH second gear roll

C5 Z06 Heads/ Cam LS2/ BTR Stage 2 Cam
C5 Corvette Z06, LS2 shortblock, TEA 2.5 243 heads milled to 64cc (11.4:1), Brian Tooley stage 2 cam, port matched Fast 92mm intake, Johnson short travel lifters, Cloyes hex-a-just timing set, LG longtube headers, Walbro GRJ420P fuel pump, stock Ti catback