chevy chevette burnout with blown tire

i smoke the tire on a chevette until she blows the tire.

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1972 Vega Pro Street
A 1972 Pro Street Vega I shot while at the Shades Of The Past Rod Run 2013.....This car has been in the family since almost new...Driven by the current owners Dad back and forth to work for sixteen year....A cool Car...With a cool history...check it out!!!...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the other awesome cars I shot at this show!! My apparel provided by: Check them out!!!

tara's burnout blown tire + mustang does uhhhh?????
just out havin some fun....shredding some tread :) hehehe

Big Block Vega First Start
Starting the motor for the first time in the Vega.

YouTubers React to Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
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