chevy chevette burnout with blown tire

i smoke the tire on a chevette until she blows the tire.

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tara's burnout blown tire + mustang does uhhhh?????
just out havin some fun....shredding some tread :) hehehe

1987 Chevy Chevette Burnout
Doing a burnout in my street legal go cart. aka my 1987 Chevette 1.6 4 speed manual.

Big Block Vega First Start
Starting the motor for the first time in the Vega.

V8 Chevette Burnout : The Sequel
PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS CAR. IT IS NOT MINE. Thanks. Winner of "The Most Baller Ass Ride" 2010 Award Video of Mr. Lowryd3's Chevette; progress pics and burnout competition July 17 2010 'Show n Shine'