2004 BMW 330Ci.

My BMW 330Ci(stock).

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Audi s4 vs Bmw m3
Audi vs Bmw lets see who is the muscle of Germany filmed on closed road in mexico

2004 BMW 330ci muffler delete
Here I have my 04 BMW 330ci with a muffler delete done locally, by a muffler shop I trusted, and replaced with two straight pipes. It is a cold start and it sounds a little gargly to begin with, but tones down later on. It's a cheap thing to do if you're looking for a deeper inline 6 sound. Enjoy :)

bmw 330ci tunnel sound
straight pipes

2004 BMW 330CI 0-60 in 5.3s
Just a quick pull I did on the way home one night. Custom CAI, headers, cat delete, resonator delete, cherry bomb mufflers and underdrive pulleys.