Giant race track blow dryers

Introducing the brand new NASCAR Air Titans! For all those times that races get delayed due to rain, this new drying technology will help get back to the action faster. For more NASCAR news, check out:

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Drying the NASCAR track
The Air Titan 2.0 cuts NASCAR rain delays in half.

NASCAR Elgin Track Sweeper and Air Titan's
Elgin Track Sweeper and NASCAR Air Titan's vacuuming water at Kansas Speedway for SpongeBob Square Pants 400 weekend

NASCAR Debuts New Air Titan Track Drying System
NASCAR Debuts New Air Titan Track Drying System (Courtesy: NASCAR) Digital Autosport Media Follow me on Twitter @DAutosportMedia or @RealHugoOlguin

Tony Roper's Fatal Crash "Live"
Live footage of Tony Roper's fatal crash during the 2000 O'Reilly 400k. ________________________________________ Shortly after the start of the race, Roper was involved in a three-car crash. His truck collided with Steve Grissom's Dodge #43 and slammed into a concrete wall on the front stretch. Tony Roper sustained a severe neck injury that stopped the blood flow to his brain, and left him without any brain function. He was airlifted to the Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital and placed under intensive care. Several hours later the thirty-five-year-old driver succumbed to his injuries, at 10h55 on Saturday, 14 October 2000. R.I.P. Tony Roper