Giant race track blow dryers

Introducing the brand new NASCAR Air Titans! For all those times that races get delayed due to rain, this new drying technology will help get back to the action faster. For more NASCAR news, check out:

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Danica Patrick gives interviewer a hard time
Even after presenting Danica with a Valentine's Day flower, interviewer Alan Cavanna gets flak for asking 3 questions in 1. Danica speaks openly about her Daytona history at NASCAR Media Day Fueled by Sunoco. For more NASCAR news, check out:

Keselowski on Twitter, Jennifer Love Hewitt and the 2013 season
The 2012 Sprint Cup champ speaks candidly about twitter, his crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt and how he's feeling going into the Daytona 500. For more NASCAR news, check out:

Kyle Busch on getting back to racing!
If there's one guy who finished the 2012 season thinking he had more to prove, it's Kyle Busch. Kyle will be the first to admit, he's hoping that his luck will change in 2013. For more NASCAR news, check out:

Jimmie Johnson won all the stats, including DNFs
Jimmie recounts the 2012 season, stats and how he feels about getting a rare third place. He closes by going through the different car styles and how they've synced with his personal driving style. For more NASCAR news, check out