Giant race track blow dryers

Introducing the brand new NASCAR Air Titans! For all those times that races get delayed due to rain, this new drying technology will help get back to the action faster. For more NASCAR news, check out:

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Post-race brawl between Gordon and Keselowski
A massive brawl breaks out after the race between Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick gets in a shove. For more NASCAR news, check out:

Keselowski on Twitter, Jennifer Love Hewitt and the 2013 season
The 2012 Sprint Cup champ speaks candidly about twitter, his crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt and how he's feeling going into the Daytona 500. For more NASCAR news, check out:

Geoff Bodine NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Crash. Offici...
Geoff Bodine's Craftsman Truck Series truck is torn to shreds after being sent into the fence. Despite the horrific nature of the crash, Bodine was able to fully recover from his injuries and return to racing.

Nascar 'The List' famous fights
Nascar 'The List' famous fights