3g Eclipse AWD Antilag Launch 406 awhp

Another video of the bay for dumbass tasmosis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWQHFkhATf8

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Worlds Fastest 3g Eclipse 11.3@120 Mph Evo 8 9.8 16g turbo on street tires
3g Eclipse with Evo Powertrain/Drivetrain. Temperature was around 60 degrees at approximately 850 feet elevation.

Evo 8 vs. 3rd gen Eclipse w/full Evo drivetrain swap
My evo 8 has full bolt ons, with Exhaust manifold and turbo porting. 272 cams with tit springs and retainers, balance shaft delete. The eclipse has a built 2.3 stroker with evo 8 turbo, 10.5 hotside, bolt ons.

DSM Talon AWD launch off the 2-step with stutter box and no lift shifting
92 Tsi AWD Talon doing a quick test of the new launch setup spinning the tires. Set at 4k Check out the race with it afterwards http://youtu.be/3pwsQnyhr-c

2G Eclipse GSX Ecmlink V3 anti-lag
5000rpm antilag 2-step on my 97 Eclipse with FP Red turbo.