CJ scrambler widowmaker

scrambler making widowmaker

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jeep scrambler chili challenge 2013
jeep scrambler off-road las cruces 2013 4x4 chili challenge

Jeep crash in Moab - NO ONE WAS HURT!!!!!!!!!!......much!
I made it up Potato Salad Hill ok but then tried Mickey's Hot Tub on Hell's Revenge.......BIG MISTAKE! Believe it or not, I only scratched my knuckle. We since have rebuilt the Jeep.......for the second time.........but this time no more weenie stock roll cages! Thanks Poison Spider! I still go to Moab twice a year but now we detour around Mickey's Tub. I just bought a new Rubicon Unlimited, so Brad my son now drives this rebuilt Jeep. Love Jeepin'!

ga four wheeling at Durhamtown and River Rock
four wheeling in durhamtown and river rock in miledgville ga

Jeep Scrambler at Gatekeeper - Calico, CA
The scrambler breaks a tie rod and fails to climb the Gatekeeper.