Racing at Knockhill 26th Sept 09 - Alfa Giulia chasing Lotus Elan and Ford Escort

Classic Sports and Saloons at Knockhill. In-car footage from my 69 Giulia GT chasing Donald Laird's Elan and Ian Longford's Escort. Lap 4 was my fastest to-date at 62.7 secs - class C fastest lap of the race.

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Ciao Italia Histric Car Race Final 1995 It's My First Race. It's poor at my driving... It does not change with driving poor even now still.

Ford Escort BDA chasing Lotus Twincam historic touring cars eastern creek

HD Diana Rigg - Mrs. Emma Peel & Her Lotus Elan
Description Diana Rigg As Mrs Emma Peel With Her Lotus Elan

Short run with a 1967 Lotus Elan SE
Just giving a 1967 Lotus Elan SE a little workout. A very fun car to drive with a weight of only 1,500 pounds and making about 140hp. Probably the most enjoyable car to drive that I have ever experienced. It does have one downfall. It is incredibly low. Modern day SUV drivers cannot see the car at all. Luckily the little Lotus is fast enough to get out of the way.