Regi's 500hp + 94 eg hatch SI k20 turbo jdm eg6 TRIBUTE walk around

motor from 2007 si. precisssion 6765 tial 50mm bov. tuned to 500hp wheel. daily driver reliable car with air conditioning! regi from hollywood fl

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K20 Civic Shoots Flame And 3rd Gear Burnout

476 whp civic vs 420 awhp civic
two hondas both built using the " how to turbo your honda over the weekend" technique battle it out. 476 whp vs 420 awhp. in good old mexico.

Civic EG Tribute
I do not take ownership of the song or the pictures used in this video. Mt.Eden-Oh that I had.

Slammed Eg Hatch
music 2 Chainz - A Milli Billi Trilli _________________________________________________________ silver ek Instagram - jdmeklove _________________________________________________________ black eg instagram - hatch_life_