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Cop and a Half Scene - Not the cards!
This is one of my favorite scenes from "Cop and a Half." As a sports card collector this is one scene I remember the most :-) Among the lessons from this short clip include appreciating that each one has each other, and not to undermine authority.

Cop and a Half
After witnessing a mob hit, 8-year-old Devon Butler (Norman D. Golden II) refuses to tell the police what he saw unless they make him a cop for a day, and hard-boiled detective Nick McKenna (Burt Reynolds) is saddled with the pint-sized sidekick. When the crooks come gunning for the boy, the two become real partners as they race against time to bring the bad guys to justice.

Cop and a Half - Vinnie Fountain Humiliation
Vinnie Fountain gets stuck in his boat and gets covered in a bunch of dead fish and guts.