Hot girl driving Ferrari F360


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Girl driving her brand new Ferrari 458 Spider
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Fast Driving Girls - AryFashion Mercedes SLK (V021) Twitter: Ary loves driving fast; here's an example of her testing the SLK R170 on country and city roads. Just some revving before she starts. The video is splitted in 2 parts. Is the first widescreen video (16:9) by Fast Driving Girls. Camera angle on: Ary, pedals, road. Top Speed: 170 Km/h - 107 MPH

BMW Alpina B6S vs Ferrari 575M
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Fast Driving Girls - Marty Driving Ferrari F430 F1 close to 300 km/h in heels (054) Hot Girl Marty driving near 300 km/h on the Autobahn - in high heeled sandals - a dark-grey Ferrari F430 Spider F1. by Fast Driving Girls - Video 054