Anson Engine Museum Mirrlees "U type" first run 10/6/08

The first run of a Mirrlees "U"type 8 cylinder diesel engine,the blue rope is for emergency stop! The engine is now off the trailor and mounted on engine bearers and runs most museum openings.

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Moteur Duvant (2)
Premier démarrage d'un moteur Duvant type 9VOS. Pour en savoir plus :

climax v-12 3,200 cubic inch
a climax v-12 with a 7 inch bore and stroke 270 cubes per cylinder was used for pumping water in michigan in saginaw there was six and this is number 6 1 gallon of fuel per minute 15,380 lbs and 30 gallons of oil for the crankcase and four zeinth carberators = fun :) and please check out my other videos of cold starts i just added along with the others thanks!!!

Big Ruston Run at Internal fire 2008

japy12pk moteur japy gas engine
A 12hp Japy engine restored by Ger