1991 Acura Integra - idle problem??

hey guys. I just got this integra. I think it has an idleing problem? the previous owner said the following.... " it has 153,000 miles. I think it has a problem with the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) and also has an oil leak. The car runs great other than it idles to high at about 2000 rpms. As well as got the IACV replaced. The TPS I swapped out of an old head laying around. The idle air control valve is what was replaced and still didn't adjust the idle..." The distruibutor cap looks normal, no cracks or serious wear. I recorded a video and put it on youtube for a better diagnosis from anyone that would like to contribute and help me out. Take a look. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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integra idle problem solved

How to fix your stumbling idle issues
This is how to fix your 1.8 BP stumbling idle where the car down revs and wants to die then will go back to normal idle, well there's a throttle body air bypass screw for that that allows you to give it some bypass air at the throttle body.

96 Integra LS Idle Problem (FIXED)
I say it's not an rough idle in the beginning but it is only in park and neutral. The other gears are just steady high idles. IACV replaced, all coolant hoses changed, and coolant flush done. FIX: It was simply some low idle screw that were extremely off. It's in the area under the IACV and two screws are covering it in gold dome shape. 96 Integras don't have FITVs. They stopped putting them in 95

1991 Integra idle problem (help?)
1991 Acura Integra RS, (B18B1 Swap) Engine light on because person who swapped it used A1 wiring not B1. But I adjusted the throttle cable a little bit but it still idles high like that. What could be the cause? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.