Sounds of American LeMans! 2011 Sebring I share great stuff on there! Please let me know what you liked or hated about this video! I read everything! Just some clips I took while at the 12hrs of Sebring in 2011. These cars are so addictive. Wish I got more audio from the paddock area before the race but I was sleeping in my car. Oh well....there is always next year.

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Stallion 51's P-51 Mustang @ SUN 'n FUN 2014 I share great stuff on there! Another AWESOME performance put on by Stallion 51's very own Lee Lauderback in Crazy Horse II! Does this P-51 Mustang look different to you? Well that's because this is actually a TF-51 (Trainer Fighter) with dual control cockpit. YOU can fly this Mustang if you want! Just visit the link below. For more info about Stallion 51 and how YOU can fly this and many other aircraft please visit their website For more info on the year around activites at SUN 'n FUN please visit their website!

F-86 Skyblazers Demo 2015 Tico Warbird Airshow I share great stuff on there! The one and only Skyblazers F-86 Sabre flying at the 2015 Tico Warbird Airshow!

F-22 High Speed Pass 2015 Melbourne Air & Space Show I share great stuff on there! During the 2015 Melbourne Air & Space show the F-22 Raptor made a nice high speed pass. I wish I could of been a little more zoomed in but...I wasn't. However thanks to Greg Johnson from GT Johnson Photography sent me a nice pic of the same pass so you can see close up what it looked like! Thanks Greg!

MV-22 Osprey @ 2015 Melbourne Air & Space Show! I share great stuff on there! From the 2015 Melbourne Air & Space Show the Marines MV-22 Osprey performs their demo routine. This was my first chance to film this so I hope you enjoy the video!